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The legacy of Creda extends across generations, as its appliances have been a fixture
in homes, shaping the experiences of those who grew up with them.
This commitment to excellence and innovation, present since its inception in 1919,
remains unwavering in the present day. Returning to its roots in the UK,
Creda embarks on an exciting journey.

Creda 60cm Anthracite Dual Fuel Mini Range C60DFMRA

Welcome to Creda

Step into the heart of Creda’s story, where innovation ignited in Stoke-On-Trent back in 1919.
For us, family has always been the heartbeat of our mission, celebrating people and crafting homes
that radiate safety and happiness. It’s simple: we excel in crafting designs that are not only sophisticated
but also reliable.

At Creda, our commitment to you is unwavering, from the very beginning to the very end.
Our Customer Care is unmatched, delivering nothing less than a 5-star experience.
It’s this trust and reliability that have etched us into the hearts of generations.

Now, we extend an invitation to you – embark on your Creda Journey and discover first hand what sets Creda apart; because at Creda, we are the embodiment of trust, tradition, and timelessness.

Discover what makes Creda, Creda.

About Our Design

Creda, a name synonymous with innovation and safety.

With tried and tested philosophies as relevant today as they have always been
from the very essence of the brand.

Designed in the heart of Britain, timeless designs and core values pay homage to the rich tapestry
of our British heritage; continually inspired by celebrating people and invaluable time spent together
in the heart of the home.

With Creda, innovation and safety are not just principles but a way of life.
With a firm commitment to quality that ensures that each product is a testament to our heritage,
earning the Creda name a place of honour in the hearts of families across the nation and a lega
that has captured the hearts of generations. In an ever-changing world,
Creda products stand the test of time.

Discover what makes Creda, Creda.

Modern Kitchen with the essence of life featuring a young family
Creda Home Appliances Kitchen with maroon cabinets, featuring a C90CHX Creda Extractor & C90RCDFTS Range Cooker

Back to Black Glass

In today's fast-paced world, where every moment counts, we understand the importance of time.
We believe in embracing life to the fullest, cherishing moments with loved ones, and creating
unforgettable memories. We want you to savor these moments without worrying about
the state of your oven. That's where our innovative Back2Black technology comes in!

The Creda Back2Black glass is more than just an exclusive addition to your kitchen; it's a symbol
of sleek elegance. When your oven is at rest, it gracefully conceals its interior, presenting a clean,
polished exterior. But as soon as you start cooking, it reveals a clear view inside,
letting you keep a watchful eye on your culinary creations. And once your masterpiece is complete,
it effortlessly returns to its original black elegance, leaving your kitchen looking fresh and pristine.
With Creda, you'll have one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on what truly matters.
It's time to fall in love with your kitchen all over again

Our Promise

Creda Home Appliances is an independently owned, British designed Home Appliance Brand, specialising in Cooking Solutions, Laundry, and much more. We continue to follow the Creda legacy, making those tried and tested Creda philosophies as relevant today as they have always been. Prioritising safety,  efficiency, and reliability without jeopardising sophisticated and sleek design, we have a solution for all your major home appliance needs - from Range cookers to Built-In ovens; washing machines to tumble dryers, you will find it at Creda.

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